Coast and Marine Power Bank

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We expect so much of our phones these days;  filming, going live, photos, apps - all of which suck our batteries. 

But don't get caught out - keep your phones and gadgets topped up while you're out in the open, be it a 5 hour hike up the Mournes or out on the open water. Afterall, your phone is one of your most important safety nets if something does happen to go wrong (did you know you can sign into the RNLI tracker app for safety?). 

Our own compact Coast and Marine power bank, in our electric blue colours, gives you a generous 2200mah. Enough to fully top you up and keep your gadget live. It comes with its own charger and has a universal socket. Stay Safe, stay powered. 

  • Aluminium material
  • 2 cm H x 9.3 cm W x 2 cm L size
  • 2200 mAh battery capacity
  • 3.7 V/2200mAh output and 5V/1000mA input
  • Includes a USB charging cable
  • Comes in a white carton box
  • Green light indicator when fully charged