Zone 3 Ladies Neoprene shorts 5/3mm

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Novice and intermediate swimmers have been using the Zone 3 buoyancy short since 2008 and it has helped thousands of them. For correct technique and efficiency it is important that the hips and legs are close to the surface of tech water. This allows longer glides and improved kick. Pop these shorts on and see faster laps and less fatigue in your shoulders. Featuring 3mm neoprene down the centre for core buoyancy and 5mm neoprene on the sides to promote hip rotation, our buoyancy shorts prevent your legs from sinking and improve the efficiency of every stroke. Named the ‘Original’ in homage to our 2008 invention of the buoyancy short, this is a design that has been tweaked, improved and refined over the years. Crafted using premium Yamamoto Smoothskin neoprene, since their conception these shorts have helped over ten thousand swimmers strengthen their performance in the water. 



  • Designed to support by keeping your body in a horizontal, streamlined position. As a result, your legs do not become a ‘dead weight’ causing drag and forcing you to increase your energy expenditure. 
  • 3mm Yamamoto Smoothskin front and back panels enhance core support by increasing leg buoyancy. 
  • 5mm Yamamoto Smoothskin side panels promote hip rotation allowing for increased reach with every stroke and therefore a more efficient swim. 
  • Designed as a natural feeling alternative to a pull buoy. 
  • Comfort focused waistband.